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Pikes Peak Behavioral Health Group - A Review

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Pikes Peak Behavioral Health Group - A Review

Pikes Peak Behavioral Health Group (PPBHG)was founded in the year 1875, bringing both assistance and hope to Colorado residents. The organization provides a variety of services which meet individual and family needs in relation to mental health, vocational skills training, education, employment, substance abuse, and restorative justice needs. They also provide services to additional mental health and substance abuse providers in the Colorado area.

PPBHG envisions a mentally healthy community where the dignity and worth of every person is something that is promoted and encouraged. They create opportunities while providing behavioral health solutions for people and communities. The organization values many things which are beneficial to individuals and the communities they are a part of. Among the values PPBHG values are:

Image of the PPBHG websiteCollaboration: Collaboration that is in the best interests of the customers they serve.

Excellence: Striving for excellence in all they do.

Fiscal Stewardship: Acting at all times with a high sense of financial responsibility and commitment to developing funding sources to drive the mission.

Integrity: Demonstration of honesty, trust and respect at all times.

Service: Always acting in the best interests of the people and organizations they serve.

Whole Person Focus: Acting in each person’s best interests by being aware of all of their health needs; behavioral and physical.

Pikes Peak Behavioral Health Group is the genesis of sixteen additional organizations. These organizations emerged through two main lineages; the Family Counseling Center of Colorado Springs, and the Pikes Peak Mental Health Clinic. The history of PPBHG is nearly as long as that of Colorado Springs itself. Colorado Springs was founded in 1871 as a resort destination for tourists who were visiting the American West, located nearly at the foot of Pikes Peak, and close the Garden of the Gods, Seven Falls, and the Cave of the Winds. PPBHG presents Colorado with solutions and programs for people in the area which include:

Business Lines: Pikes Peak Behavioral Health Group has been providing employment opportunities since 1991. Their goal for employees (consumers) is to achieve their highest potential while working toward self-sufficiency.

Care Management: Policy makers and employers are recognizing the impact of mental health and substance abuse on businesses, communities and families.

Career & Development: Pikes Peak Behavioral Health Group provides comprehensive Career and Development Services for adults and adolescents who experience a form of disability or disadvantage.

Child & Family Solutions: Pikes Peak Behavioral Health Group provides a broad continuum of child and family focused behavioral healthcare, to include in-office therapy and intensive home-based and community services.

Disease Management: Chronic Disease Management is a confidential telephonic program for screening, managing, and supporting members with co-morbid mental illness and diabetes.

Mental Health Solutions: According to the National Mental Illness Association, one in four adults experiences a form of mental illness such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, major anxiety, panic disorder, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Military Solutions: Families often experience transition and readjustment following a veteran’s return home from war. Reintegration takes time for both the veteran and the family.

Substance Abuse: Pikes Peak Behavioral Health Group offers a number of services for substance abuse recovery, both internally and through their provider network.

Family Counseling Services of Colorado Springs – A History

Three years after the incorporation of the City of Colorado Springs on March 3rd, 1875, the United States Congress passed an, ‘enabling act,’ specifying the requirement for the Territory of Colorado to become a state. On August first of 1876, President Ulysses S. Grant signed a proclamation admitting the State of Colorado into the Union as the 38th state. The year 1875 also found the Colorado Springs Relief Society becoming the first organization in the area to care for the, ‘needy poor,’ through provision of clothing, food, and coal to families.

Two years later in 1887, ‘Compassion,’ is added to the basics of food, clothing, and coal. The Colorado Springs Relief Society renamed itself to the Women’s Aid Society, and in 1890 it became the Colorado Springs Aid Society, functioning as a hub for people interested in assisting those in need. Its purpose was to, ‘aid the poor, the homeless, and the sick of the city and, so far as possible, to obtain employment for the able to work.’ By 1898, the need for a more formal organization, as well as the need to employ a paid agent resulted in a change in name for the organization to, ‘Associated Charities.’ Work opportunities were added to the other services provided by the organization.

By the time the year 1946 rolled around, Associated Charities became known as, ‘Family Services of Colorado Springs.’ The organization’s focus shifted to one of assisting families to reunite and meet post-war challenges. In 1960 the organization became, ‘Family Counseling Services of Colorado Springs.’

Pikes Peak Mental Health Clinic – A History

In the year 1929 the Bemis Taylor Child Guidance Clinic was established as the first child guidance clinic west of the Mississippi. The clinic addressed serious social issues experienced by many because of the Depression, widespread unemployment, as well as the resulting problems of families who were torn apart. The clinic was largely funded through an endowment from Ms. Alice Bemis Taylor.

Ten years later, the clinic changed its name to the Colorado Springs Child Guidance Clinic. During World War II, the clinic closed, but was later re-opened in the year 1946. By 1963, major mental health reforms began, not only in the state of Colorado, but across the nation. The Comprehensive Community Mental Health Centers Act was passed by the United States Congress and signed by President John F. Kennedy. Monies were made available for both construction of centers and staffing throughout the country. People were moved out of state mental hospitals in order to receive care in their own communities, rather than through institutionalization. The year 1964 found the Colorado Springs Child Guidance Clinic officially becoming Pikes Peak Mental Health Clinic.

A Merging of Two Entities and Further Growth

Family Counseling and Pikes Mental Health Clinic merged in the year 1970 to become Pikes Peak Family Counseling and Mental Health Center with the goal of establishing a more comprehensive mental health center through the consolidation of family counseling and mental health services.The year 1978 found the organization’s name being changed to, ‘Pikes Peak Mental Health Center.’

While this was occurring, the year 1974 brought the founding of Workout Ltd. The organizational philosophy of Workout acknowledges that when a crime is committed, harm is done directly to the victims and the community and that the harm must be repaired in order for the victim to begin moving past the incident. Offenders are encouraged to take accountability for their actions, restore damaged relationships, and repair harm caused by their crime.

In the year 1991, Aspen Diversified Industries was established, providing comprehensive education, training, restorative justice-based mediations, as well as transition services. The organization’s model seeks to serve the whole person instead of merely the person’s disability or disadvantage, striving to not only strengthen individuals, but the community too.

Connect Care, a managed services organization, as well as Pikes Peak Foundation for Mental Health, are both established in the year 1997. The organizations provide further services to people and the community today.

By 2004, Pikes Peak Integrated Solutions was created. The organization provides human resources, accounting and finance, legal, marketing and communications, and information technology services to Pikes Peak Mental Health, Connect Care, Aspen Diversified Industries, and Foundation for Mental Health.

In 2005, Pikes Peak Behavioral Health Group is established in order to serve as an umbrella organization. The organization encompasses Pikes Peak Mental Health Center, Workout Ltd., Aspen Diversified Industries, Pikes Peak Foundation for Mental Health, and Pikes Peak Integrated Solutions.

By Pikes Peak Behavioral Health Group

Pikes Peak Behavioral Health Group